Mesón de Fuencarral

El Mesón de Fuencarral opened its doors more than 80 years ago, in 1932.

Since then, it has embraced innovations in classic Spanish recipes, and gives priority to dishes that showcase the very best of traditional cuisine.

Located in an old 19th-century farmhouse, El Mesón's high wooden coffered ceilings look down on two beautiful fireplaces and numerous dining rooms.

The exterior boasts a spacious terrace with a beautiful wooden pergola flanked by a rustic shed, which once served as a wine cellar and has marvellous views of the mountains of Madrid.

A la carte since 1932.

For more than 80 years, El Mesón de Fuencarral has been a popular choice for Companies and family meals at weekends, on special occasions and for large events.

We have an outdoor play area where the youngest members of the family can play while their parents enjoy a leisurely meal on our terrace or in one of our dining rooms.

Couples can enjoy an intimate and romantic evening by the warmth of our fireplaces with our best wines, cavas and champagnes.

Our private secure parking is available to our customers always free.

Mesón de Fuencarral

The best traditional cuisine in a most unique summer corners and with marvellous views of the mountains of Madrid.

Absolut Madrid.

Outside the city, with marvellous views of the mountains of Madrid, you will find a terrace where you can enjoy delicious dishes. Specialities are White Homemade Tuna Salad, Salmorejo, Rice Broth, Homemade Cheescake.

Mad Men Magazine.

The Terrace of El Mesón de Fuencarral offered the traditional cuisine by Ramón Dios, President of Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe.

Info Horeco.

Belongs to this kind of lifetime establishments who can appeal to all generations: good product, maintained preparations, and pumper the traditional recipes, are the keys of its success.

Con Mucha Gula.

The longest in Madrid, the Terrace of El Mesón de Fuencarral is placed to enjoy the best traditional cuisine in a unique corner with marvelous views of the mountains of Madrid.

La Boutique del Fumador Magazine.